The Scouts have come up with an idea, we want to make a ‘Poppy Panel’ something that we hope the people in Tiptree will support. 

On the wall opposite the entrance to TESCO in Tiptree you see their advertising banners in a frame, we aim to fill one of these panels with a plastic mesh and ask people to make a Poppy to fix on the panel.

The Poppy Panel will be in place from 3rd November until 11th November 2018, after that we do not know what we will do with it. What to do? Download a poster.

Now a word about the Poppies, they should be no larger than 100mm (4 inches) in any direction and we will have to make a 2 mm hole in them so that we can fix them to the mesh. The poppies will be open to the elements so they could get wet. There will be a box with the Poppy sellers for you can leave your Poppy.

The bottom of a plastic drinks bottle with a bit of red and black paint makes a good poppy, but what you make your Poppy from is up to you. If you are not artistic you could buy a Poppy from one of the Poppy sellers and attach that to the panel.

A nice touch would be to add one of the names on the local War Memorial to your Poppy or even your family name.

We would like all Schools, Churches, Clubs, Youth Organisations and of course the People of Tiptree to take part.

For further details email:

Tiptree Scout Group is very grateful for TESCO giving us permission to use their advertising space.