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World War I

Andrew Frederick Ager MM  


Frederick Vincent Hall

Arthur Loan

Age: 31 

Ernest John Smith

Age: 27

Richard Ager

Bertie Harrington

John Winchester Long

John Steward

 Age: 30

Albert Edward Appleton

Age: 25

Charles Hart

Age: 29 

Joseph Morris


Sidney Stanley Steward

Age: 21

Herbert William Bacon

Age: 36

Alfred Walter Harvey


George Moss

 Age: 23

William Henry Stoppard


George William Bell


Claude Victor Hellen

 Age: 19

William Newman

Age: 25

Arthur James William Strutt


Walter William Bendall

 Age: 21/22

Charles Alfred Holgate MM  


Ernest George Patten

 Age: 23

Harold William Swann

Age: 23

Alfred Maurice Bond

 Age: 25

Albert Charles Hull


Amos Polley

Charles Taylor

Age: 22/23

George William Bonner


Frederick Hull

 Age: 36/37

Cecil Harold Rawlingson  


Ernest William Taylor

Albert Carter

Leonard Charles Hull


Albert Edward Rawlinson  


James William Taylor

Age: 25

Alfred Cottee


Walter Alfred Hull

Age: 19

Stanley Harold Ruffle


Richard Henry Taylor 

Age: 19

George Cottee

Age: 21

James Hume

Alfred Sach


Charles Erskine Thorn

 Age: 22

Arthur Charles Edwards

Walter Ketley

Age: 35 

George Sach


Herbert Henry Wager


Richard Thomas Frost

Mentioned in Despatches

Henry John Knight (Harry)

 Age: 23

Percy Scott


William James Waller


Herbert William Gomer


Joseph Lester


Henry Arthur Shave

Henry Blamires Wilcock

 Age: 20


William Wood Lewis

Age: 24

Gilbert Henry Shawyer

Age: 19

Fred Wright 

Age: 26